What if you could make an extra

$10K - $40k per month?

*Making money can be hard and there is no guarantee you'll make any*


* One custom Authority Site Establishing You are a Leader

* One Fully developed coaching site with 15 years of content

* Two Professionally Ghost Written Business Books

* Proprietary Profit Finding Software

* Access to Professional High Ticket Sales Team

* Custom Marketing Funnel for Coaching Business

* 100 Pre-built Funnels to sell to clients

* 3 Live Group Coaching Sessions per Week

* VIP Concierge

* 5 Live Turning Point Tickets Per Month

* Online Modules worth up to $20,000 each

* Bonus Live Events

10 Ways to Make Money Monthly:

* Coaching $2,000 per client per month / 5 clients $10,000

* Client Profit Sharing 10% per month

* Funnels $5k per client

* Memberships $200 per month per client

* Commissions Turning Point Sales $1,500-$30,000 per month

* Group Coaching $10,000 per month

* Live Events $10,000-$100,000 per month

* Speaking $5,000 per month

* Ad Agency $10,000 per month

* Passive Product Sales $5,000 per month


SPB: Three Types of Income:

Short Term

This pays the bills. Smaller gross, steady revenue. 50% of your time should be spent on this. Eat chicken while hunting elephants.


This is set it and forget it income. Think, books, audio/video products, sales teams, evergreen webinars.

Big Ticket

This is the elephant. $25,000- $50,000 per sale clients. This is where the majority of your profits will happen.

Massive Extra Value

These programs are included in your Certain Profits Coaching Package:

Certain Profits High-end Monthly Bonus Modules:

Month 1. - Turning Point Virtual

Month 2. - First Million Virtual

First Million: What do millionaires do differently than paupers? How do you leverage any business to a seven figure level? How do you let go of the minutiae that is beneath your pay grade? In this module you will get a deep dig into the minds of people who are in the top 5 % of the population. You will stop stepping over dollars to pick up dimes and start creating MPI or Massive Passive Income. Investment: $4,000.

Month 3. - Irresistible Influence Virtual

Irresistible Influence: You can sell anyone, anything. The key is to use language patterns that will cause them to beg you for what you are selling and have them believe it was their idea. In this course you will learn both inner and outer communication to turn yourself into a persuasion machine. When you become really good at selling it will become fun to you. Like any action you enjoy you will soon recognize your moral and ethical obligation to sell what you are selling. Value $2,000.

Month 4. - Financial Prosperity Digital ($8,000 Value)

Financial Prosperity: An MBA in a box. This course covers all areas of scaling up a business. Ultimately your business must function without you. It is essential you learn how to cookie cutter and SOP everything in your business. The first plan a successful business makes is an exit plan. Unless you see the end game in sight you will be doomed to be stuck in the matrix. Massive amounts of knowledge create on of our most through modules in this system. Enjoy! Retail value $7,995.

Month 5. - Certain Investor Live - ($10,000 Value)

Month 6. - Next Level Live - ($13,000 Value)

Month 7. - Crush It From Stage or Screen Live - ($15,000 Value)

Crushing from the Stage or Screen: For decades Marshall Sylver has been the number one closer in all settings. Due to his unfair advantage of using subconscious selling techniques his closing ratios are 5X to 10X any other closer. You want to have them rushing to the back of the room to buy from you? Do you want to have the Buy Now button clicking like crazy? Not one can teach you better than Marshall Sylver how to make it happen. Marshall has been selling this course for $13,000- to $30,000 for decades. Now it is yours as a bonus in month 7 of your Certain Profits subscription.

Month 8. - Master Key to Marketing - ($20,000 Value)

Master Key To Marketing: In this module you will pick the brains of the greatest marketers of all time. You will learn about strategies, software, gambits and more to blast your marketing campaigns into the stratosphere. The interviews in this program are from marketers who have collectively done over $1,000,000,000 in sales. This program in it’s live version sells for $30,000.

Month 9. - Coach Summit with Marshall Sylver - ($25,000 Value)

Coaches Summit: Be a guest in Marshall Sylver’s private home for a private party. Spend two full days learning Best practices for your coaching business. Network with other coaches to find out what’s working and where the big bucks are. This very intimate course is for people who are sincere about growing their coaching business and making a difference in the world. Due to the intimate nature of this course and the fact that the private party is held at Marshall Sylver’s private residence a pre attendance interview is required to attend. Minimum Value $20,000.

Month 10. - One Hour Private Session with Marshall Sylver - ($50,000 Value)

Take Care of first three months in advance and receive these additional bonus’:

2 Tickets to Turning Point Live, 2 Tickets to First Million Live, 2 Tickets to Irresistible Influence Live. An $18,000 Value!

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Selected competitors will be announced at any undetermined future date.

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